Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 20

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Boy: Hi, Scott! Hello, Tina! Did you have a good holiday in Indonesia?
Scott: Yes.
Tina: It was great.
Boy: What did you do?
Tina: Well, first we went to Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia Our plane landed there.
Scott: Yes, Jakarta is a very big city. It was very exciting. Look, we bought this hat there. It’s made of palm leaves.
Tina: Then we went to Bali. Bali is very beautiful. We saw lots of beautiful countryside.
Scott: And we saw some people performing the Legong dance.
Tina: Yes! That was very interesting.
Boy: Did you buy anything from Bali?
Tina: Yes. I bought a necklace. It’s made of shells.
Scott: And I bought these shadow puppets. They’re made of leather.
Boy: What else did you see?
Tina: Well, look at this postcard!
Boy: Huhhh! What is it?
Tina: It’s a Komodo dragon. It’s the biggest reptile in the world.
Dear Peter,
My name is Kelvin Tam and I live in Singapore. I’m eleven years and three months old. I’m 1.28 metres tall and I weigh 36 kilograms. I live with my parents in a big house. I’ve got one sister. Her name is Alice. I’ve got a dog. Her name is Sammy. Singapore is not very big, but it’s beautiful. The weather is tropical. It’s very hot and wet.
Dear Peter,
Hello! I’m from Jamaica and I’m eleven years old. My birthday was last week. There are five of us in our family: my mother and father, my two brothers and me. I am one metre and thirty centimetres tall. How tall are you? My weight is thirty-five kilograms. I’ve got a dog. His name’s Rollo and he’s two. Jamaica is a big island. I like it because it’s always hot and sunny. What’s the weather like in your country?
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