Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 3.

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pə’li:s] — police
[‘krɪmɪnl] — criminal
[‘ki:bɔ:d] — keyboard
[enʤɪ’nɪə] — engineer
[dɪ’zaɪn] — design
1 (рис. 2)
Airline employer: Where do you want to sit? Does your little girl want to sit next to the window?
Girl: Yes, please.
2 (рис. 4)
Policeman: Can you remember his face? Woman: Yes, I think he’s got dark hair. Yes, that’s right, and he’s got blue eyes.
Policeman: What about his nose?
Woman: His nose was quite long.
Policeman: And his mouth?
Woman: His mouth was small.
3 (рис. 3)
Woman: What do you want to know?
Man: How does the space shuttle work? Woman: Well, these are the engines, this is the … .
1 scientist (С)
2 detective (Е)
3 pilots (В)
4 vet (D)
5 chefs (F)
6 engineer (A)
Woman: Sometimes I work in an office and sometimes I work outside. I use a computer in my job. It helps to catch criminals. (Detective или policewoman.)
Man: I travel a lot. Sometimes I fly 3,000 miles in one day. I work on different days. Sometimes I work at night. (Pilot.)
Woman: I work in a laboratory. Sometimes I use a computer. (Scientist.)
Man: I work in a restaurant. I cook food for people. Sometimes I go to bed very late. (Chef.) Woman: People bring their dogs and cats to my office when they are sick. (Vet.)
Man: I’ve got a computer. I use it to design things — bridges, cars, airplanes. (Engineer.)
1 Engineers design things. (В)
2 Vets look after sick animals. (A)
3 Scientists work in laboratories. (D)
4 Detectives catch criminals. (C)
5 Doctors look after sick people. (F)
6 Pilots fly planes. (E)
A detective catches criminals. Не needs a dog.
A postman delivers letters to people. He needs a bag.
A scientist learns more about rare plants. He needs plants.
A chef cooks food for people. He needs a frying pan.
A teacher teaches English at school. He needs Forward / a book.
A doctor looks after sick people. He needs medicine.
An engineer designs cars. He needs a computer.
Joseph Alexander is a famous explorer. He’s twenty-seven years old. His birthday is on January 10th. He comes from the USA. He’s got short red hair and green eyes. He’s got glasses. He’s tall and thin. He likes to climb mountains.
Have you got any new messages on your computer? What’s the weather like in the rain forests? Is it really hot and wet there?
1 Find the birthday cake in the shop.
2 Climb up the ladder.
3 Jump over the dog.
4 Cross the road.
5 Go through the forest.
6 Swim across the river.
7 Run away from the hungry cats.
8 Arrive at the party.
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