Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 4

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Boy: Look at the pictures. Can you see any animals?
Girl: Yes, there are a lot of animals. Look here’s a frog. It’s green. It can climb trees.
Boy: Can you see a monkey?
Girl: Yes!
Boy: How many monkeys are there?
Girl: There are three. They are funny. There’s one black monkey and one brown monkey. And there’s one monkey in the dark. How many birds can you see?
Boy: Erm… one, two, three, four, five, six, seven! Look at this one. It’s got a long tail.
Girl: This is my favourite bird. It’s beautiful. It’s red and blue.
Boy: Eugh! Look, on that tree! It’s a snake!
Girl: Where?
Boy: There! In the dark!
Girl: Oh yes. I like snakes! And look! Here’s a rabbit.
Sam: The professor can use her computer. (False.)
Kate: But she can’t climb down the cliff. (True.)
Sam: She hasn’t got a tent. (False.)
Kate: But she’s got lots of food. (True.)
Sam: She hasn’t got a map. (True.)
Kate: But she has got a camera (False.)
Sam: She’s got lots of water. (True.)
Kate: And she’s got her diary. (False.)
Sam: And somebody has got her message. (True.)
1 Steven was at home.
2 Sarah was at the station.
3 Simon was at the office.
4 Alison was at the pizza parlour.
5 Carlo was at the video shop.
6 Jane was at the newsagent’s.
Carlo isn’t telling the truth.
My computer was OK yesterday…
This rope was OK yesterday, too.
The map and my camera were in the tent, but…
А. My guitar was OK yesterday, but it is no good today. I can’t play it.
B. My camera was OK yesterday, but it is no good today. I can’t use it / take photos.
C. My shoes were OK yesterday, but they are no good today. I can’t put them on.
D. My book was OK yesterday, but it is no good today. I can’t read it.
kangaroo, spider, frog, snake, parrot, tiger, bear, monkey, rabbit.
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