Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 5

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What’s the weather in the tropics like? — The weather in the tropics is very hot and wet.
Are the trees in the rain forest tall? — The trees in the rain forest grow / are very tall.
Are the leaves at the top of the trees thick? — The leaves at the top of the trees are very thick.
Do animals live in the rain forests? — Lots of animals and birds live in the canopy.
What can you see on the forest floor? — There are a lot of dead leaves there, but not many green plants.
Where do new trees and small plants grow? — When a tree falls down, new plants can grow in the space.
1 In the rain forests.
2 Insects.
3 They fall into the liquid and they can’t escape.
a) Anna’s
b) Mark’s
c) Joe’s
d) Susie’s
Europe [‘jʊərəp], Asia [‘eɪʃə], Australia [ɒ’streɪlɪə], America [ə’mеrɪkə], Africa [‘æfrɪkə].
Название части света и страны: Australia.
thank, much, rain, forests, interesting, Russia, different, rivers, Russia.
In August my rose was 30 centimetres tall. The flower was small. There were 5 leaves on the plant. Today is November 7th. Now the rose is 50 centimetres tall. There are two big flowers. They are pink. It has got lots of leaves. It’s so beautiful!
1 true
2 true
3 true
4 False
5 True
6 false
7 false
[l], [d], [l], [f], [l], [l], [p], [s], [ʃ], [l].
The trees are eight metres tall.
The ladder is six metres tall.
The tent is three metres tall.
The explorers are two metres tall.
The elephant is four metres tall.
существительные: picture, forest, weather, tropics, trees.
прилагательные: tropical, rain (этот случай требует пояснений: слово rain является существительным, но в данном словосочетании употребляется как прилагательное, по-тому что является определением к другому существительному), hot, wet, tall.
наречия: very.
глаголы: grow.
Sherlock Holmes was a famous detective. Doctor Watson was his friend. They were strong and friendly. They were good people. Criminals were afraid of them.
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