Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 6

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1 false
2 true
3 false
4 false
5 true
rabbits — rabbit [t],
foxes — fox [s],
wolves — wolf [f],
squirrels — squirrel [1],
bears — bear [ə],
blackbirds — blackbird [d],
robins — robin [n],
tigers — tiger [ə].
This is my family photo. These are my parents. My father is a doctor. This is my brother Boris. I am eleven years old and he is fourteen. We are good friends. Look at my little sister. She is very funny. You are on this photo, too.
Dear Jill,
This summer my parents and I were in Sochi. The weather was hot and sunny. I was in the famous Botanic Garden in Sochi. There are / were many interesting plants there.
We have got two botanic gardens in Moscow. Are there any botanic gardens in London?
Write soon,
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