Вербицкая 4. Students Book. Unit 9

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Kate: Joe, what’s this? Is it a radio?
Joe: That’s right. We’re going to send messages to your parents.
Kate: Oh, I see. Why do we need this bottle?
Joe: It’s a water bottle. We’ve all got one. We’re going to carry water in them.
Kate: What are we going to eat?
Joe: We’ve got lots of dried food.
Kate: Joe, how are we going to see in the dark?
Joe: Look, we’ve got a torch and a lamp.
Kate: Er… where are we going to sleep?
Joe: Here. We’ve got two tents. This is your tent.
Kate: What’s this?
Joe: It’s a safety helmet. We’re going to wear safety helmets.
Kate: How are we going to climb up the cliffs?
Joe: We’ve got some climbing rope.
Kate: What’s this?
Joe: That’s our first aid kit. We must take a first aid kit.
Kate: Are we going to have lots of accidents?
Joe: Of course not.
Kate: Are we going to light fires? We’ve got some matches.
Joe: Yes. We’re going to cook our food.
Sam: We’re going to send messages. What do we need? (A radio.)
Kate: We’re going to sleep in the rain forest. What do we need? (Some tents.)
Sam: We’re going to light fires to cook our food. What do we need? (Some matches.)
Kate: We must carry water with us. What do we need? (Some water bottles.)
Sam: We’re going to explore the rain forest at night. What do we need? (Some lamps and torches.)
Kate: We’re going to climb mountains. What do we need? (A rope, some safety helmets.)
Sam: We’re going to take lots of photos. What do we need? (A camera.)
Luggage A (film camera, rucksack, hat) belongs to Paul.
Luggage В (skis, ski boots and three suitcases) belongs to Tina.
Luggage C (binoculars, bird book and rucksack) belongs to Kamala.
[‘rʌksæk] — rucksack (рюкзак),
[bɪ’nɒkjʊləz] — binoculars (бинокль),
[‘su:tkeɪs] — suitcase (че¬модан),
[‘ski: ,bu:ts] — ski boots (лыжные ботинки)
Morocco, Spain, Brazil, Bahrain
‘forest, ‘journey, ‘matches, equipment, ‘safety, bi’noculars, Indo’nesia, be’cause, when’ever.
Dear Nikita,
Sam and Kate are going to help Professor Wallace. They are going to Indonesia with Joseph Alexander. Indonesia is in the tropics. There is a rain forest with rare plants. There are high cliffs and volcanoes in Indonesia, too.
My parents and I are going on holiday to Italy. Italy isn’t in the tropics but there is a volcano there, too. The volcano is called Vesuvius and it is in the city of Pompeii.
Where are you going on your holidays? Where were you in October? Was your father in Kamchatka?
Write soon.
I need warm clothes, a jumper and warm socks because it’s going to be cold at night. I must take a sleeping bag because we are going to sleep in tents.
I need my own cup, plate, fork and spoon because we’re going to cook our food.
I need a camera and binoculars because we are going to go bird-watching.
I must take some good walking shoes and a map because we are going to go for lots of long walks in the woods.
Sam, Kate — 2
J. Alexander — 3
Maxim — 6
Vera — 5
Dasha — 4
Jill — 1
English: a student’s book, a pen, a pencil, an activity book, a notebook.
Art: some paper, a pencil, some paints, a brush, some water.
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