Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 10

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1. Willow can’t play basketball.
2. She can’t climb mountains.
3. She can swim underwater.
4. She can take photos.
5. She can fly.
6. She can’t ride a motorbike.
Come to Australia/the Black Sea/Egypt/the Red Sea etc.
It’s hot and sunny.
You can surf. You can climb mountains. You can swim.
There are lots of animals.
It’s great!
to play football/the piano
to ride a horse/a bicycle
to swim m the sea
to fly in the sky
to draw a square/a picture/an elephant
(Слева направо)
(Верхний ряд) Harold, Emily.
(Средний ряд) Gordon, Geraldine, Harry, Sylvia.
(Нижний ряд) Wilf, Walter (Mr Wolf). Emma, Brenda.
1. six 2. five 3. ten 4. three 5. seven
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