Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 11

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some bread
some jam
some grapes
some toothpaste
some sweets
a doll
1. She can buy some bread at the baker s.
2. She can buy some jam at the supermarket.
3. She can buy some grapes at the greengrocer’s.
4. She can buy some toothpaste at the chemist’s.
5. She can buy some sweets at the newsagent’s.
6. She can buy a doll at the toy shop.
Spike: I like that car.
Man: Can I help you?
Spike: How much is this car? Oh dear!
Bluebird: Look, Spike!
Spike: How much is it?
Man: It’s 50p.
Man: How much is the shampoo?
Woman: It’s 66p.
Man: And how much is tire toothpaste?
Woman: It’s 70p.
Man: How much is the comic?
Woman: 25p.
Man: How much is the chocolate?
Woman: It’s 46p And the crisps are 30p.
Man: How much is the cheese?
Woman: 60p.
Man: Oh dear! I haven’t got enough money!
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3, 6, 1, 5, 4, 2.
30/40/25/15/53 eggs, bananas, apples, cucumbers, oranges.
some shampoo, bread, milk. jam. cheese (eggs, bananas, apples, cucumbers, oranges).
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