Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 13

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1. At eleven o’clock.
2. At half past two.
3. At six o’clock.
4. At half past seven.
5. At half past eight.
Bluebird: Where do you want to go?
Spike: Let’s go to the mountains.
Bluebird: No. let s go to the beach.
Spike: OK.
Bluebird: Hurry up! We’re late!
Spike: What time is it?
Bluebird: it’s half past eleven.
1. It’s half past seven.
2. It’s eleven o’clock.
3. It’s halt past three.
4. It’s four o’clock.
5. It’s nine o’clock.
6. It’s half past one.
1. I get up at seven o’clock.
2. My brother gets up at half past six.
3. I have breakfast at half past sever..
4. He has breakfast at seven o’clock.
5. I like eggs for breakfast.
6. My sister likes pancakes for breakfast.
7. I go to school at eight o’clock.
8. She goes to school at eight o’clock, too.
9. We go to school together.
10. I come home at 3 o’clock.
1. It’s seven o’clock. Nina gets up at seven o’clock.
2. It’s half past seven. Nina has breakfast at half past seven.
3. It’s eight o’clock. Nina goes to school at eight o’clock.
4. It’s half past nine. What time does Nina go to bed? — Nina goes to bed at half past nine.
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