Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 14

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а — the news;
b — an adventure film;
c — a football match;
d — a cartoon,
e — a music programme.
They want to play football.
He wants to have tea
They want to have a picnic.
She wants to read.
1 — do;
2 — does;
3 — does;
4 — do;
5 — does;
6 — do;
7 — do;
8 — do;
9 — do;
10 — does.
[w]: where, watch, twenty, white, weather.
[v]: video, television, favourite, eleven.
And here are the TV programmes for today.
On Channel 1 at half past five, there’s a cartoon: Tom and Jerry. After that, at six o’clock there’s a football match. Today. Brazil is playing France.
On Channel 2 we have the news at half past six. And at half past seven we have ‘Music Machine’, the popular music programme for young people where you can tee all your favourite singers.
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