Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 16

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1. My (suit) case
My passport
My watch
My hat
My ticket
My book
1. At one o’clock.
2. At half past five.
3. At half past nine.
4. At half past four.
5. At eleven o’clock.
6. At half past three.
1. Woman: Hello. Can I help you?
Boy: Yes. I want to join the Action Club, please.
Woman: OK What’s your name, please?
Boy: Philip Ross.
Woman: How do you spell Philip?
Boy: P-H-l-L-l-P and R-O-S-S for Ross.
Woman: And how old are you?
Boy: I’m 12.
Woman: When’s your birthday?
Boy: It’s on April the 15th.
Woman: OK We play a lot of sport here. What’s your favourite sport?
Boy: Basketball.
Woman: And can you ride a bike?
Boy: Yes.
Woman: Can you play a musical instrument?
Boy: Yes. I can play the recorder.
Woman: Can you play tennis?
Boy: Er, no. But I want to have lessons.
Woman: Can you sing?
Boy: Er, no. not very well.
Woman: That’s OK. Can you swim?
Boy: Yes! I’m a very gooc swimmer
Woman: Can you play football.
Boy: Yes.
Woman: OK! Very good. Thank you very much.
2. Philip is 12. His favourite sport is basketball. Philip can ride a bicycle, play a musical instrument (recorder), swim and play football.
[eɪ] — Spain, the USA. Australia
[ɪ] — Britain. Italy
[ʌ] — Russia
Vera’s parents are going on holiday. Vera is going with them. They are going to Novgorod. They go by train. Their train leaves at 7.30. They need a taxi to get to the railway station.
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