Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 17

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1. letter
2. envelope
3. pencil
4. scarves
5. address
6. glue
7. postman
8. stamp
9. parcel
Dear Mr Wolf,
Can you come to my house on Sunday at three o’clock? You can play with my centipedes and spiders. We can eat cake and watch television/TV.
Olga’s birthday is on July 6th.
Nick’s birthday is on August 20th
Helen’s birthday is on November 15th.
Ann’s birthday is on March 1st.
Karim’s birthday is on February 12th.
[ʌ] — month, much, love
[ɑ:] — parcel, scarf, aunt
[ɒ] — lot. want, song
[ɔ:] — fourth. August, small
[ɪ] — think, ticket
[i:] — need, leave
dear, beautiful, nice, happy.
1. Vera likes skiing. January is her favourite month.
2. Nikita likes swimming in the river. July is his favourite month.
3. Maxim likes yellow and red leaves on the trees. October is his favourite month.
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