Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 18

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1. The postman puts the letters in his sack.
2. The postman takes the letters to the sorting office.
3. A machine sorts the letters from the parcels.
4. Some people put postmarks on the letters.
5. Some people put the letters into boxes for different towns.
6. The letters go to the different towns by train.
7. The postman delivers the letters.
1. date: November 5th. time: half past ten.
2. date: May 10th. time: quarter past seven.
3. date: December 23rd. time: quarter to nine.
4. date: January 2nd. time: half past three.
Mr Wolf has got a book.
Wllow has got a camera.
Red Riding Hood has got a bike.
Cinderella has got a watch.
Bluebird: Here’s the postman!
Postman: There’s a parcel for you.
Spike: I hope it’s a spaceship.
Bluebird: What is it?
Spike: it’s a clock.
1. This is Mr Phillips. He’s a postman. He’s taking a parcel to Mrs Roberts.
2. This is Bryony. She’s opening a parcel.
3. This is Alex. He’s writing a letter.
4. This is Matthew. He’s reading a letter. The letter is funny.
5. This is Catherine. She’s posting a letter.
[eɪ] — eight, take, mail
[eɔ] — hair, fair
[ɪə] — here, near
[ɑɪ] — like, kind, write
[əυ] — post, cold
[ɑυ] — town, brown
[υə] — poor
[ɔɪ] — toy, boy
1. What time does Maxim get up?
2. What film does he like?
3. What film do you like?
4. What film do your friends like?
5. Where do you like to go on holiday?
6. Where does your mum like to go on holiday?
7. Where do your friends like to go on holiday?
When do you get up? (I get up at seven o’clock.)
When does your mum come home? (My mum comes home at 7 o’clock.)
What do your friends do in the evening? (My friends watch TV in the evening.)
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