Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 2

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1. Robert and Spot are from Cambridge [ˈkeɪmbrɪdʒ].
2. Jane is from Bristol [brɪstl].
3. Faheem is from Oxford.
4. Alex and Ann are from York [jɔ:k].
5. Maria is from Cardiff [‘kɑ:dif].
(против часовой стрелки) father, mother, sister, me (Jill), brother, grandmother, grandfather.
1. The table is upside down.
2. The computer is on the sofa.
3. The chair is in the cupboard.
4. The picture is upside down.
5. The telephone is upside down.
Комната Софи на рисунке С.
[k] Africa, coat, clothes, circle
[tʃ] China, chips, kitchen
[s] circle, mice, centipede
Hello, Cody,
Thank you for your letter to Ben’s Russian friends. I am one of them.
My name is Vika.
My family is from Russia.
I am ten years old.
I’ve got a friend. My friend is ten years old.
We are from Russia.
I like Ben and Jill, Vera and Maxim. They are good friends.
Your new friend Vika.
1. I’m nine years dd.
2. We are from Russia.
3. You’re from London.
4. He’s from the USA.
5. She is from Australia
6. They are good friends.
1. bed
2. sofa
3. wardrobe
4. chair
5. chair
6. desk
7. fridge
8. bath
9. table
1. Bathroom
2. bedroom
3. hall
4. living room
5. dining room
6. Kitchen
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