Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 20

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1. You must hold your hamster like this.
2. You must be quiet.
3. You must take your dog for a walk.
4. You must give your fish food.
5. You must have a home for them.
6. You must give your hamsters some water to drink.
1. An elephant can’t play the piano.
2. An elephant hasn’t got a long tail.
3. Monkeys can’t sing.
4. Tigers haven’t got big ears.
5. Tigers can’t dance.
1. fox
2. kangaroo
3. elephants
4. parrot
5. panda
1. Cats like milk and fish. They don’t like seeds/nuts.
2. My parrot eats seeds. He doesn’t eat fish/meat.
3. Mick’s dog likes meat. He doesn’t eat seeds/nuts.
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