Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 21

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1. In January.
2. In September.
3. In March.
4. In May.
5. In July.
Monday: arrive, play basketball.
Tuesday: climb a mountain.
Wednesday: build a tree house.
Thursday: go swimming, play tennis.
Friday: have a bus trip to a castle.
Spike: Look! This shop sells fireworks. Can I have some fireworks, please!
Bluebird: Don’t put the fireworks there! Be careful. Spike!
Boy: Sophie, what’s your phone number?
Girl: 455 084 What’s yours, Mark?
Boy: My phone number is 276 325.
Girt: What’s your phone number, Peter?
Boy: 892 367. What’s yours. Katie?
Girl: My phone number is 356 729.
Boy: What’s Maria’s phone number?
Girl: I don’t know. I think it’s 572 398.
Boy: And Kevin’s?
Girl: It’s the same! 572 398. He’s Mara’s brother!
April, Sunday, Russian, August, Friday, English.
December 25th — Christmas Day
February 14th — St. Valentine’s Day
January 1th — New Year
March 8th — International Women’s Day/Mother’s Day
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