Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 5

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1. koala
2. wombat
3. dingo
4. bridge
5. platypus
6. doctor
7. crocodile
8. opera house
1. They’re walking.
2. They’re jumping.
3. She’s swimming
4. They’re climbing a tree
5. They’re running
6. They’re sleeping.
She’s beautiful. (а)
He’s famous. (с)
It’s interesting. (d)
He’s tall. (b)
It’s long. (e)
1. Red Riding Hood has got a big centipede. Who has got a big centipede?
2. Cinderella likes her new dress. Who likes her new dress?
3. The witch lives in the forest. Who lives in the forest?
4. Aladdin has got a lamp. Who has got a lamp?
What animals live In Australia? (Dingo, kangaroo, koala, wombat, crocodile, platypus.)
Is Canberra the capital of Australia? (Yes, it is.)
What colour are kangaroos? (Brown.)
Where do the aborigines live? (In Australia.)
Is Canberra the capital of Australia? (Yes. It Is.)
Рисунок 1
He’s got short ears.
He’s got a tail.
He’s got small eyes.
He’s got a white jacket.
He’s wearing shoes.
He’s got a white cat.
Рисунок 2
He’s got long ears.
He hasn’t got a tail.
He’s got big eyes.
He’s got a black jacket.
He isn’t wearing shoes.
He’s got a black cat.
This is Ralph. He’s an Australian flying doctor.
It’s Tuesday. He’s putting on his coat.
It’s Thursday He’s sitting in a plane. He’s got a black bag.
It’s Friday. He’s visiting some farmers at a sheep farm. You can see the sheep in this picture.
It’s Sunday. He isn’t working today. He’s playing football with his football team.
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