Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 6

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1. Saint-Petersburg is famous for its parks.
2. Moscow is famous for its Kremlin.
3. Sochi is famous for its beaches.
4. Veliky Ustyug is famous for its Father Frost’s House.
5. I live in Moscow. It is famous for its Red Square.
1. Moscow/Sochi is the capital of the 2014 Winter Olympics.
2. There are 20/10 towers in the Kremlin.
3. Russian spaceships take off from Plesetzki/Sochi.
1. garden
2. bats
3. biscuit
map — maps
street — streets
forest — forests
bridge — bridges
beach — beaches
village — villages
square — squares
farm — terms
sea — seas
1. a long river
2. high mountains
3. a big city
4. a small town
5. an interesting museum
6. a beautiful park
1. What is the capital of Russia? (a)
2. What is Moscow famous for? (a)
3. Where do monkeys live in Russia? (b)
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