Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 7

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fifteen (birds), seventeen (butterflies), twelve (kangaroos), fourteen (witches).
1. There are sixteen green balls in this square.
2. There are fifteen pink butterflies in this triangle.
3. There are twenty yellow flowers in this circle.
4. There are twelve red snails in this rectangle.
1. First you draw a big rectangle. Then you draw a triangle on top of the rectangle. Then draw
three small circles on the rectangle. Then draw the triangles for the trail. There you are! A rocket!
2. First you draw a rectangle and two triangles. Draw four small circles for the windows. Then
draw a line and two triangles for the sails. What is it? It s a boat!
3. First you draw three rectangles. Then draw two circles for the wheels. Nov/ draw a rectangle and two triangles. Add two small squares and some light for the lights. There you are! A car!
4. First you draw a square for the body. Draw a big circle and two small circles on the body. Add four rectangles for the legs and arms. Then draw a square for the neck. Draw a big square for the head. Draw two circles for the eyes, a rectangle for the mouth, and two small squares for the ears! It’s a robot.
shape, eight — [eɪ], triangle, eye — [aɪ], hair — [eə], near — [ɪə]
1. This is Ann.
2. She lives in this village.
3. These are Ann’s brothers.
4. These cats are Ann’s pets.
5. These dogs are the brothers’ pets.
6. Ann’s father is coming home in this car.
triangle, circle, rectangle, square
недостающее слово: shapes.
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