Вербицкая. Рабочая тетрадь. Unit 9

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Monday: It’s raining.
Tuesday: It’s hot (and sunny).
Wednesday: It’s windy.
Thursday: It’s snowing.
Friday: It’s cloudy.
Saturday: It’s cold.
(Слева направо) Thomas, Red Riding Hood, Willow the Witch, Mr Wolf.
1. There are five people in the picture. (Wrong.)
2. It’s hot and sunny. (Wrong.)
3. Red Riding Hood and Thomas are making a snowman. (Right.)
4. Mr Wolf is playing football. (Wrong.)
5. Mr Wolf can’t see Willow. (Right)
6. Willow s cat is happy. He likes the snow. (Wrong.)
1. It’s windy today. We can fly the kite.
2. It’s snowing. You can’t play football.
3. It’s hot and sunny today. They can swim in the river.
4. It’s rainy today. I can t walk in the park.
[ɡ]: green, again, game.
[ŋ]: England, raining, ring.
[ʤ]: bridge, orange, sledge.
It’s windy today.
It’s rainy today.
It’s sunny today.
It’s snowy today.
It’s cloudy today.
It’s cold today.
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