Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 10

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[ʤə’pæn] Japan
[ʤæpə’ni:z] Japanese
5 [ɑυ] how, mouse, mouth, mountain, trousers.
[ɑɪ] sky, bicycle, ride.
[ɪə] ear. near, theatre.
1 My mother is his mother. My father is his father. Who is he? b) my brother
2 My mother and his mother are sisters. Who is he? a) my cousin
3 My mother and her mother are sisters. Who is she? a) my cousin
4 My mother and she are sisters. Who is she? b) my aunt
5 He is my father’s father. Who is he? c) my grandfather
to play basketball/tennis/football
to climb mountains
to swim underwater/in the river/in the sea
to drive a car
to ride a bicycle/a motorbike
Fido: Look at me! I’m Fido the Great! What a dog! I can swim! (3) Wheeeeee! I can fly! (1)
Boy: Fido can play tennis! He’s great! (7)
Fido: Oof!
Girl: Oh dear! He can’t play football. (8)
Fido: I can play basketball! (5)
Cat: Yeah, look at him!
Fido: Aargh!
Cat: He can’t ride a horse! (2)
Fido: Glug… Help!
Cat: He can’t surf! (4)
Fido: Wheel I can ski! Help!
Cat: He can’t ski. (6)
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