Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 11

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ед. ч.: bread, fruit, food, soap, shampoo.
мн. ч.: cakes, comics, medicines, magazines, toys, vegetables, flowers.
a hundred
22 apples
37 oranges
44 bananas
56 cucumbers
38 tomatoes
Dasha has got 1 egg. 2 bananas, 7 nuts, 6 apples.
Lera’s got some milk, some cheese, some bread, some butter, some toothpaste.
A) Oranges, apples, lemons — fruit.
B) Milk, bread, eggs — food.
C) Tiger, lion, crocodile — animals.
D) Scarf, jacket, jumper — clothes.
kind, cake, kangaroo, can, biscuit, baker’s, camera, comics, kitchen, chemist, supermarket, call.
1 Jill: Wow! Look at those planes! And that big kite!
Mrs. В: Can I have this car, please? It’s a present tor the little boy next door. (toy shop)
2 Mrs. B: Have you got some medicine for my daughter?
Assistant: Yes. this one’s for children.
Jill: ugh!
Assistant: It’s very nice.
Mrs. B: Thank you. And can I have some shampoo, too? (chemist’s)
3 Man: Here’s your bread, Mrs. Brown.
Mrs. B: Thank you very much. Can I have a big chocolate cake too. please? (baker’s)
4 Jill: Can I have some sausages please, mum?
Mrs. B: Yes, all right. And you can get me some biscuits. They are on the shelf over there. And I want some ice-cream.
Jill: Mmm … ice-cream! It’s over there, Mum! (supermarket)
5 Woman: Good morning. Mrs. Brown. Do you want your magazine?
Mrs. B:Yes, please.
Jill: Don’t forget my comic, Mum!
Mrs. B: All right, Jill.
Woman: Here it is.
Jill: Can I have some sweets, please?
Mrs. B: No, you can’t. Not today. (newsagent’s)
6 Man: Do you want some oranges. Mrs. Brown? They are very nice.
Mrs. B: Yes, please. Can I have ten big oranges, please? And can I have a cucumber and a lettuce? (greengrocer’s)
thirty, twenty-five, a hundred, forty, seventy, ninety, sixty, twenty, fifty, eighty.
1 Sarah
2 Sally
3 Robert
4 Tim
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