Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 12

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What’s Ben doing in picture 4? He’s putting the flour in the bowl.
What’s Tom doing? He’s adding the salt/a little salt.
What’s Jill doing in picture 5? She’s adding the egg.
What’s Mary doing? She’s adding the milk.
What’s Cody doing in picture 6? She’s mixing it with a spoon.
What’s Mary doing in picture 7? She’s heating some butter in a frying pan.
What’s Jill doing in picture 8? She’s cooking the pancake.
What’s Tom doing in picture 9? He’s turning the pancake over.
1 С (Cody’s)
2 В (Jill’s)
3 A (Ben’s)
4 D (Tom’s)
It’s sticky! (6)
It’s thick. (5)
It’s beautiful! (2)
Mmm. It’s delicious! (1)
It’s thin. (4)
It’s dirty. (3)
The things they need are: flour, sugar, an egg, butter, chocolate, a bowl, a spoon, a cake tin.
She needs, a cake tin. a knife, a bowl, a spoon or a fork, some flour, some butter, a little salt, a lot of sugar, 3 eggs, 3 apples.
some, the, a, the, a, the.
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