Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 13

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2 clocks.
Sally’s clock.
It’s eight o’clock. No, they are not late.
1 It’s morning.
2 Yes, she is.
3 They are eating breakfast.
4 Mary is looking at the clock.
5 Ben and Sally are eating breakfast.
6 Ben is looking for his shoes.
(Слева направо)
It’s half past twelve. It’s four o’clock. It’s half past nine. It’s eight o’clock. It’s half past seven.
1 -й абзац: What time do you get up?
2- й абзац: What time do you go to school?
3- й абзац: What do you do after school?
4- й абзац: What do you do in the evening?
It’s eight o’clock (breakfast time). It’s half past twelve (lunchtime). It’s four o’clock (teatime).
It’s half past eight (dimer time). It’s half past nine (bedtime).
1) 1 — Elena Ivanovna
2 — Nikita
3 — Sergey Sergeevich
2) (Возможный вариант)
Nikita is a pupil. Every day at 8 o’clock he goes to school. At two o’clock he has lunch at school. At three o’clock he goes home with his father and Dasha. This Wednesday is his mother’s birthday. At six o’clock he buys flowers for her.
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