Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 14

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channel (канал), programme (программа), cartoon (мультфильм), television (телевидение). TV (ТВ. сокр. от телевидение), match (матч), film (фильм).
She is Sally. She wants to play the drums.
She is Miss Fisher. She wants to play the guitar.
They are Mary and Jill. They want to dance.
He is Tom. He wants to cook.
Му favourite cartoon is “The Rodeo Bunch”. This is Clara. She’s a cowgirl. She’s wearing a red shirt, blue jeans and cowboy boots She’s got a black horse. She isn’t riding the horse now.
This is Dan. He’s the sheriff. He’s very happy. He’s short and fat. He’s wearing a green jacket and brown trousers.
And this is Silver. He’s Dan’s dog. He’s brown and white. He’s got big ears.
This is Running Deer. She’s sitting on her horse. She can ride a horse very well.
And this is Sam He’s tall and thin. He’s a cowboy. He’s got a big hat. He’s wearing a white shirt, a brown jacket and brown trousers.
Dan is short and fat.
Silver is brown and white.
Sam is tall and thin.
Running Deer can ride a horse.
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