Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 15

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1 Ben wants to go on the dodgems.
2 Sally wants to have some candy floss.
3 Mary wants to go on the ghost train.
4 Eddy wants another burger.
A) She is hot. She wants to swim in the river. This is picture 2.
B) He is hungry. He wants to have lunch. This is picture 3.
C) She Is frightened. She wants to have a bathroom without spiders. This is picture 4.
D) She is happy. She wants to see her present. This is picture 5.
E) She is cold. She wants to put on a jumper. This is picture 1.
F) She is thirsty. She wants to have some juice. This is picture 6.
Eddy is hungry.
Mary, Cody and Sally are frightened.
Sally is sick.
Jill and Ben are excited.
Mr Taylor is tired.
Mrs Taylor is thirsty.
Ben: Oh. look! Look at Jill! Ha! She’s… short and tat!
Jill: Oh. yes. I’m short and fat. but look at Cody! She’s tall and thin!
Cody: Look at Ben’s head! He’s got a big head!
Jill: And he’s got a small body!
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