Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 16

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1 Ben’s aunt’s name is Kate.
2 She is going to France for her holiday.
3 Her train leaves at quarter past ten.
4 Mr Taylor can’t start the car.
5 Eddy phones Radio Taxis.
Mary: What’s the doctor’s telephone number?
Eddy: 15986.
Mrs T: Mary, can you help me? What’s the number of Sally’s school?
Mary: 36521.
Mrs T: Thanks.
Eddy: Mum! What’s Radio Taxis’ number?
Mrs T: 30875.
Eddy: Thanks, Mum.
Cody: Can you remember Helen’s telephone number. Jill?
Jill: Yes. It’s 22178.
Mrs T: Mary, can you find me the telephone number of the station?
Mary: Er… yes. here it is. It’s 65440.
Jill: Mum. what’s Robert’s telephone number?
Mrs В: 95822.
Jill: Thanks. Mum.
What time does the train leave? — At half past nine./Half past nine.
What time does the plane leave? — At eleven o’clock./Eleven o’clock.
What time does the bus leave? — At half past three./Half past three.
What time does the ferry leave? — At half past seven./Half past seven.
What has Dasha got?
3) She has got her hat.
4) She has got her umbrella.
What hasn’t she got?
2) She hasn’t got her magazine.
3) She hasn’t got her paints.
What has Nikita got?
1) He has got his ball.
2) He has got his T-shirt.
3) He has got his kite.
4) He has got his photo camera.
What hasn’t he got?
1) He hasn’t got his bike.
2) He hasn’t got his toy truck/car.
3) He hasn’t got his guitar.
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