Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 17

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1 Yes, I do./No. I don’t.
2 No. he doesn’t.
3 He wants a plane.
Cody: Are these your birthday presents, Ben? What have you got? What’s this book?
Ben: It’s a history book.
Cody: Let me see. Ooh. this is really interesting! This is a beautiful scarf.
Ben: Yes. It’s from Aunt Kate.
Cody: And look at this jumper! I love these colours!
Ben: Do you like it? I’ve got some green gloves, too.
Cody: They’re very nice gloves. And you’ve got a new pen!
Ben: Yes. Look at it. And look at this.
Cody: A computer! Brilliant!
January — We can make a snowman and play in the snow.
March — We can play snowballs.
July — We can fly a kite.
August — We can swim in the sea and play in the sand.
September — We go to school in September.
December — We can buy presents for the New Year’s Day.
Sally’s birthday is on June 4th.
Lisa’s birthday is on September 14th.
Simon’s birthday is on July 7th.
Hitesh’s birthday is on May 21st.
Nicola’s birthday is on November 18th.
1 His name is Joe.
2 Her name e Jane.
3 It’s a hairbrush.
4 He wants a car
6 Lime Avenue,
14th May
Dear Aunt Jane,
Thank you tor the hairbrush. I like the hairbrush very much. I like cars, too.
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