Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 19

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1 You can see nine musical instruments.
2 Five children know the answer.
3 They are looking at the insects/butterflies.
4 You can see fifteen children.
5 She is drawing a monster/dinosaur.
6 They are writing/drawing/listening.
В тексте нет слова visit (посещать).
1 swimming
2 maths
3 history
4 art
5 music
6 science
1 — С,
2 — D,
3 — А,
4 — Е,
5 — В.
What time does Nikita arrive at school? — At half past eight. (Возможны варианты.)
What time does he have lunch? — At quarter to eleven.
When does he finish his lessons? — At quarter to two.
How many lessons does he have every day? — He has four lessons.
What does Nikita have on Monday morning? — He has Russian.
Which lessons does he have on Tuesday? — He has Russian, maths, science, physical training.
What does he do on Wednesday afternoons? — He has music.
What are his favourite subjects? — His favourite subjects are: maths, English, physical training.
Does he like drawing? — No, he doesn’t.
where, castle, what, listen, wheel, science, answer.
lesson, arrive, swimming, class, cutting, letter, mirror, candy floss, roller coaster.
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