Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 2

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(слева направо): Mr Taylor, Маrу, Mozart, the dog, Ben, Eddy, Mrs Taylor and Sally.
we’ve got [wiv ‘ɡɒt)
wow [waυ]
what [wɔt]
Cody: Look, that’s our furniture That’s my bed. (Picture 1.)
Ben: Is that your computer? (Picture 4.)
Cody: No. it’s my mum’s computer. That’s my dad’s desk. (Picture 2.)
Ben: Are those your bears? (Picture 6.)
Cody: No! They’re Todd’s bears.
Ben: Wow! Look at that bike! (Picture 3.)
Cody: That’s my bike. And that’s my wardrobe. (Picture 5.)
(Слева направо) Cody’s grandmother. Cody’s grandfather, Cody’s brother, Cody’s father,
Cody, Cody’s mother.
Kim is from the USA.
Carlos is from Spain.
Alison is from Britain.
Paola is from Italy.
Masha is from Russia.
Lee is from China.
[tʃ] chairs, kitchen
Аa [æ] Ее [e], Ii [ɪ], Оо [ɒ], Uu [ʌ], Yy [ɪ].
[æ]: apple, ant, flag, flat, cat, stand, fan, fat, dad, bat, Africa.
[e]: bed, pen, pencil, ten, red, neck, egg, tennis, pet.
I am (‘m)
He/she/it is (’s)
We/you/they are (‘re)
Australia [ɒˈstreɪlɪə] Австралия
Britain [‘brɪtn] Британия
Canada [ʼkænǝdǝ] Канада
Spain [speɪn] Испания
Russia [‘rʌʃǝ] Россия
the USA [ðɪ ‘ju:’es’ei] США
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