Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 20

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This pet walks very slowly. It sleeps in the winter, and wakes up in the summer. What is it? (A tortoise.)
What’s this pet? It lives in a field. You can ride it. (A horse.)
This pet has got long ears. It eats vegetables. What is it? (A rabbit.)
This pet can fly. It can talk too. What is it? (A parrot.)
What’s this pet? Listen, (barking). It likes meat and walks in the park. (A dog.)
This pet has a long tail. It lives in the house. It can climb trees. What is it? (A cat.)
Daniel (parrot), Sam (tortoise), Carl (dog), Rosie (cat).
Grizzly bears come from America.
Parrots come from America.
Lions come from Africa.
Zebras come from Africa.
Hippos come from Africa
Foxes come from Europe.
Tigers come from India.
Indian elephants come from India.
Pandas come from China.
Kangaroos come from Australia.
fish, sheep, parrot, tiger, rabbit, tortoise, seal, lion.
1)[ɒ] – [з:]
hot – hurt
2)[ɔ:] – [з:]
for — fur
short — shirt
sport — circle
3)[ɪ] – [i:]
sit — seed
live — leave
ship — sheep
it — eat
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