Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 21

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Jill: Let me tell you about my holiday. We do lots of exciting things.
Ben: When do you arrive at the camp?
Jill: On Sunday. Then on one day we go for a boat trip to an island (Wednesday.)
Ben: Do you go swimming?
Jill: Yes. On one day we go swimming in the morning and we ride horses in the afternoon. (Thursday.)
Ben: What else do you do?
Jill: Well… on another day, we go climbing in the morning. Then in the afternoon we build a tree house! (Tuesday.)
Ben: A tree house? In a tree? Wow!
Jill: That’s not all. One morning we go canoeing, then we go hiking in the woods in the afternoon. (Monday.)
Ben: Do you play football at the camp?
Jill: No. but we play tennis one morning. That’s before we have the party. (Friday.)
Ben: What party?
Jill: The goodbye party. Then we go home.
Ben: What day do you come home?
Jill: On Saturday.
On St. Valentine’s Day.
On Christmas Day.
On Christmas Day.
(лишние слова)
Lera: I want to go to the sea in June.
Nikita: I want to go to the theatre on May 25th.
Maxim: I am going to the swimming pool next week
Dasha: I want to go to the Zoo on Saturday afternoon.
Vera: I can go to the fair on Sunday morning.
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