Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 5

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kangaroo, crocodile.
1 Canberra is.
2 In Sydney.
3 In the middle of Australia./ln the desert.
4 A farm.
5 A platypus.
6 The original Australian people.
7 Surfing.
8 A (kind of) dog.
[ʌ]: bus, nut, funny, mum, number, Russia, under, cupboard, butterfly.
[ɑ:]: arm, car, farm, garden, park, scarf, star, start.
Is it Canberra? No. (It is Sydney.)
Is it New York? Yes
Is it London? Yes.
(Варианты вопросов.)
4 Has it got a baby?/Has it got long ears?/Has it got short back legs?
5 Is this animal tall?/Is this animal brown? — и т. п.
Do crocodiles live in Russia? — No, they don’t.
Where do crocodiles live? — They live in Australia.
Is Sydney the capital of Australia? — No, it isn’t.
Where is Canberra? — Canberra is in Australia.
Australia is a very beautiful continent. — Is Australia a very beautiful continent?
Moscow is famous for its Kremlin. — Is Moscow famous for its Kremlin?
Kangaroos live in big cities. — Do kangaroos live in big cities?
Crocodiles have got short legs. — Have crocodiles got short legs?
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