Вербицкая. Учебник. Unit 7

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Jill: Find a red triangle and a blue square. (4)
Ben: Now find four green rectangles. (5)
Jill: Look for a pink rectangle and a red circle. (3)
Ben: Next, two blue triangles. (1)
Jill: Then a green triangle and a brown square. (6)
Ben: Last, look for a yellow circle and a green square. (2)
two — shoe
four — door
six — sticks
eight — gate
ten — hen
twelve — delve
14 squares
15 circles
11 rectangles
19 triangles
shape, plane, hi, try. five, rose, nose, photo.
1 fifteen [fɪf’ti:n]
2 nineteen, smile, slice, five, eye, triangle
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