Верещагина 1. Учебник. Урок 50

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A dog, a cat, a dolphin, a puppy, a frog, a penguin, a kitten, a car, a teddy-bear, a plane, a doll, a ball.
I’ve got a dolphin, I’ve got a penguin, I’ve got a teddy. — That’s what I’ve got.
Fred is from Great Britain. He is eight. No, he hasn’t. Yes, he has. Yes, she has. Yes, she has. She has got two daughters. She is three. She is four. He has got nine planes. He has got six cars.
Fred is from Great Britain. He is eight. He has got a mother, a father, a grandfather and an aunt. His aunt has got two daughters and a son. Her daughter Helen is three, Liz is four. Her son Bob is seven. Bob and Fred have got many toys. They like to play with them and draw cars and planes.
Let’s play with dolphins (penguins, cars, trains, ships…).
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