Верещагина 1. Учебник. Урок 70

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Liz has got six toys. Liz has got a doll, two monkeys and three pigs. The doll is big. The monkeys are brown. The pigs are pink. The monkeys and pigs are funny.
Dick has got eight toys. Dick has got five cars, two hares and a Lego duck. The cars are brown, red, grey, green and black. The hares are grey. The duck is yellow and red.
I have got three dolphins, two kittens, three puppies and a teddy-bear. The dolphins are big and blue. The kitten is brown, the little kitten is white. The puppies are grey and black. My teddy-bear is big and brown.
—Hi, Olga. — Hi, Sasha. Let’s play Zoo. — Let’s I want to be a monkey. — And I want to be a frog. — I can jump. I am a big brown monkey. — I am a big green frog. Jump, monkey. — Jump, frog. — You are a funny monkey. — Oh, you are a funny frog. — It’s funny to play Zoo.
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