Верещагина 1. Учебник. Урок 88

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— What do you like to do in the park?
— I like to ride a bike and to roller skate. And what do you like to do on the playground?
— I like to play tag, to skip and to play leapfrog. What do you like to do in the Zoo?
— I like to watch animals, to run and to jump.
Robin does not like to roller-skate, to draw, to ride a horse, to play hopscotch.
My friend doesn’t like to play leapfrog (to play tag, to ride a scooter).
The children like to play snakes and ladders (scrabble, marbles).
[v] five, seven, have
[d3] Jane, Jack-doll
[g] game, frog, dog, leap-frog
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