Верещагина 2 класс. Student’s Book. Part 1. Урок 27.

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Hello. My name is Misha. I am 8. I am from Russia.
How are you? What is your name? How old are you? Where are you from?
I have father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, uncle, aunt, cousin. My father’s (mother’s, grandmother’s, grandmother’s…) name is…
Six, pig, bike.
1. Jack is from America, Boston.
2. Jack is seven.
3. He hasn’t got a dog. He has got a cat.
4. He likes to play with his cat. It is funny.
5. Henry is from Boston too.
6. His telephone number is 915-14-17.
7. Jack often calls Henry because they like to talk.
8. The boys like to go to the Zoo because they like to watch little bears and funny monkeys.

Домашнее задание

Hello. My name is Misha. I am 8. I am from Russia. I have mother, father, grandmother, grandfather. My mother’s name is Natalia. My father’s name is Sergey. My aunt’s name is Olga. My uncle’s name is Kolya. They are from Russia. My mother is 35 (my father (uncle, aunt) is…).
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