Верещагина 2 класс. Student’s Book. Part 1. Урок 28.

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Hello. My name is Misha. I am 8.1 am from Russia. I have a lot of toys. I play with my toys every day.
I like to play with my car. I have mother, father, grandmother, grandfather. My mother’s name is Natalia. My father’s name is Sergey. My aunt’s name is Olga. My uncle’s name is Kolya. They are from Russia. My mother is 35 (my father (uncle, aunt) is…).
Bear: Hello. My name is Bear. I have father, mother, grandfather, grandmother. I like to walk with my family.
(His name is Bear. He has father, mother, grandfather, grandmother. He likes to walk with his family).
Young Hare: Hello. My name is Hare. I have father, mother, two brothers and three sisters. I like to play football with my brothers. My sisters like to skip over the rope.
(His name is Hare. He has father, mother, two brothers and three sisters. He likes to play football with his brothers. His sisters like to skip over the rope).
Her name is Lena. She is seven. She likes to play. She has got a doll. Her name is Barbie. She has got a Barbie doll. Her friend Katya has got a doll, too.
Her name is Marusya. Sveta has got a Matryoshka doll. Kitty has got a Jack doll. They all like to play with dolls. But her brother likes to ride a bike.
1. I like to play.
2. My sister likes to play with dolls.
3. Kate rides a bike.
4. My kitten is funny.
5. His name is Vasya.
6. I am seven.
I, in, tag, name, camel, kitten.
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