Верещагина 2 класс. Student’s Book. Part 1. Урок 32.

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Hello. Му name is Misha. I am 8. I am from Russia. I have a lot of toys. I play with my toys every day. I like to play with my car. I like to watch TV. I have mother, father, grandmother, grandfather. My mother’s name is Natalia. My father’s name is Seigey. My aunt’s name is Olga. My uncle’s name is Kolya. They are from Russia. My mother is 35 (my father (uncle, aunt) is…).
What toys do you have?
What toys do you like or not like to play?
What do you like or not like to do at home?
A dog whose name is Rex. Rex is a dog. It is a very funny toy. It is brown. It is from Russia. Now it lives in my room. I like to play with Rex.
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