Верещагина 2 класс. Student’s Book. Part 1. Урок 38.

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1. Vova is from Russia, from Yaroslavl.
2. Yaroslavl is an old Russian city. It is on the Volga
3. His mother is a teacher.
4. She likes her work.
5. His uncle and aunt have got a son and a daughter.
6. The children go to school.
7. Lena doesn’t go to school because she is a baby.
We are a family of six. My name is Nikita. I am nine. I am a Russian boy. We are from Russia, from Saratov. Saratov is on the Volga. It is a nice and beautiful city.
I have got a father and mother. My father is an engineer. He works at a factory. He likes to do sport. My mother is a teacher. She likes her pupils.
My sister is a pupil. She likes to go to school. She likes to ride a bike. I love my family very much. We like to spend time together.
She wants to be a teacher.
He wants to be a pilot.
She wants to be a doctor.
He wants to be a soldier.
She wants to be a dentist.
He wants to be a worker.
He wants to be an engineer.
Professions: teacher, dentist, officer, doctor, engineer, pilot, worker, singer, dancer, runner, jumper, businessman, player.
Members of the family: mother, father, grandfather, grandmother, sister, brother, uncle, aunt.
How to spend free time at home: watch TV, read a book, play the piano, play with a robot, play in lego, sing, dance.
In the park: play volleyball, football, skate, play in tags, play in hide-and-seek.
At the Zoo: watch the animals, feed the animals, have fun.
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