Верещагина 2 класс. Workbook. Part 1. Урок 45.

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Does he want to go to the zoo?
Do they like to sledge in the park?
Have we got many fine toys?
Does she work at the stadium?
Do you like to go to the skating rink?
— Hi! How are you, Tom?
— Iam fine. And you?
— Iam fine, too. What do you like to do?
— I like to read books and watch TV.
— Do you like to read English books or Russian books?
— I like to read books in English and in Russian.
— Have you got many books?
— I have got many English and Russian books. Do you like to read?
— Oh, yes. I like to read very much.
— What do you want to be?
— I want to be a teacher? And what do you want to be?
— I want to be a doctor.
My name is Vasya. I am 8. I can ride a bicycle and play football. I can’t play volleyball. I want to play volleyball.
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