Верещагина, Афанасьева 5. Personal Identifications. Lesson 11

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1. How do you do?
2. Where are you going?
3. What are you going to find out?
4. Are you going to speak about nature?
5. When are you going to read your report?
1. Yes, of course.
2. I’d love to. Thanks.
3. That sounds good.
4. I’d like that very much.
5. OK
1. I’m afraid I can’t.
2. I’d love to but I’m afraid I can’t.
3. Thank you for your invitation. But I can’t, I’m afraid.
4. I wish I could but I’m afraid I can’t.
5. I’m afraid I can’t.
deep (thought, snow, swimming pool, pit)
high (fence, table, bed, ceiling, voltage)
tall (animal, figure, person, people, child)
short (knife, hair, film, legs, story)
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