Верещагина, Афанасьева 5. Personal Identifications. Lesson 5

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in the morning: I’ll get up at 7.00, go to the bathroom. Then I’ll have my breakfast. After breakfast I’ll put my books and exercise books in my school bag and will go to school.
in the afternoon: I’ll finish my school classes at 15.00 and go home. I’ll have dinner and have a rest.
in the evening: I’ll do my homework and when it is done I’ll watch TV, then I’ll go to bed at 21.00.
You: Will you go to St Petersburg with your class in summer?
Your friend: I’d like to go. I have never been there. I want to see the Hermitage. There are a lot of famous painting.
You: When will you go there?
Your friend: We will go there in June.
You: What time are going to stay there?
Your friend: We are going to stay there 10 days.
You: What will you see there?
Your friend: We will go sightseeing.
You: With whom will you go?
Your friend: We will go with our teachers.
You: Why are you going with your teachers?
Your friend: We are going with our teachers because they will show us a lot of interesting places and tell us about everything.
You: Where will you stay?
Your friend: We will stay in a hotel, I don’t know exactly yet.
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