Верещагина, Афанасьева 5. Personal Identifications. Lesson 7

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Europe: Poland, Norway, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece;
Asia: Korea, Mongolia, Thailand, Pakistan;
America: Mexico, Cuba;
Africa: Nigeria.
1. I used to cry when I was little.
2. I didn’t use to go to school when I was little.
3. I used to fight when I was little.
4. I didn’t use to read books when I was little.
5. I used to play with toys when I was little.
1. Did your grandparents use to live in your city?
2. Did they use to see you often?
3. Did the use to go for a walk with you?
4. What did they use to give you for your birthdays?
5. Where did they use to spend their holidays?
1. See you again soon.
2. Goodbye.
3. Goodbye.
4. See you.
5. See you tomorrow.
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