Верещагина, Афанасьева 5. Personal Identifications. Lesson16

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You: Is there a bank near here?
Officer: Go straight and at the end of the street turn left, then take a right turn and you’ll see the bank.
Officer: It’ll take you about 20 minutes but you can take a taxi.
You: Is there a restaurant near here?
Officer: The nearest one is just on the left side of the street.
Officer: You should walk 5 minutes.
You: Is there a hotel near here?
Officer: You can get there by bus.
Officer: It won’t take you much time, about 5 minutes. The bus stop is just on the opposite side of the street.
You: Is there a shop near here?
Officer: You should cross the square and then you’ll see a big trade center.
Officer: It’ll take you no more than two minutes.
You: Is there a theatre near here?
Officer: You should go back.
Officer: It’ll take 10 minutes.
You: Is there a museum near here?
Officer: You should take a bus.
Officer: It’ll take you just 10 minutes.
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