Верещагина, Афанасьева 5. Учебник. Lesson 22

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I usually buy pork, meat, beef at the butcher’s.
I usually buy bread, sweets at the baker’s.
I usually buy vegetables at the greengrocer’s.
I usually buy butter, milk, cheese at the grocer’s.
I usually buy fish at the fishmonger’s.
a) She bought a loaf of bread at the baker’s.
She bought a can of Coca-Cola in the supermarket. She bought a packet of tea at the grocer’s.
She bought a bar of chocolate at the baker’s.
She bought a tin of meat at the butcher’s.
She bought a jar of jam at the grocer’s.
b) Did you forget to buy milk?
Did you forget to buy sugar?
Did you forget to buy sausages?
P1: You should pay five pounds for this meat.
P2: That’s right. Do you have change from ten?
P1: Cut, this tin of meat, please.
P2: OK. I shall wrap it for you.
P1: People live in piece.
P2: No, some of them don’t.
P1: You haven’t change, not a bit.
P2: No, that’s not true.
P1: This meat is fat.
P2: Oh, yes, I will cut another one.
Where do you usually buy fruit?
What do you buy at the baker’s?
Where do you usually buy meat?
What do you usually buy at the grocer’s?
Where do you usually buy milk?
Bread, please.
White, please.
Two, please.
Put them in a plastic bag.
Would you like something else?
Do you like some sweets?
ours, hers, theirs, its, his.
1. Which shirts would you like to see? — The ones on the second shelf.
2. Which shoes do you like best? — The red ones.
3. Which computer do you like best? — The one in the central office.
4. Pour away some dirty water and get some clean water.
5. I think my parents will sell their old car and buy a new one.
6. Please pass me that plate. — Which one?
7. Which jeans are you going to buy? The most expensive ones.
woollen things, blanket, store, price, wool, department store, cotton sheet, pillow, pure water.
It is necessary for them to go there by car.
It is necessary for me to come to see my Granny on Sunday.
It isn’t necessary for her to go shopping on Saturday.
It isn’t necessary for us to do the shopping on Sunday.
It is necessary for them to pay for it on Saturday.
It is necessary for him to receive money on Saturday.
It is necessary for him to train this team on Sunday.
It isn’t necessary for you to buy a blanket and two pillows on Sunday.
a) What’s the price of your shoes?
b) It will cost you much money to pay for this car.
a quarter, a nickel, a dime
one pound thirty-five
eight pounds eighty-eight
four pounds thirty-five
ten pence
two pence
forty-five pence
twenty dollars forty
eighty-nine cents
fifty-one dollars thirty cents
fifteen cents
twenty-one cents
fifty-five cents
The book costs ninety-five pence.
The cassette costs twenty dollars.
The TV-set costs three hundred fifty dollars.
The bag costs seventy-eight pounds.
The shoes costs forty-four pounds ninety-nine pence.
1. Pence. There are 100 pence in a pound.
2. Cents. There are ten cents in a dime.
3. Cents. There are 100 cents in a dollar.
4. Pounds. There are twenty pounds in a twenty pound note.
5. Cents. There are five cents in a nickel.
6. Cents. There are twenty-five cents in a quarter.
7. Dollars. There are a hundred dollars in a hundred dollar note.
В Селфрайджес
— Мне надо сделать кое-какие покупки. Ты хочешь пойти в Селфрайджес со мной? — спросила миссис Морисон девочек в тот вечер.
Белая распродажа была в Селфрайджес, большом магазине в Оксфорд Стрит. Миссис Морисон хотела купить одеяло, пару туфель и полотенца.
Сначала она купила полотенца.
— Это сделка, — сказал продавец. — Обычная цена одиннадцать за шесть, а цена на распродаже девять.
Миссис Морисон также купила пару хлопковых покрывал и одеяло из чистой шотландской шерсти, но не купила подушки.
— Нам помочь нести покупки? — спросила Коллет.
— Нет это не нужно. Если они пришлют их завтра, то они будут у меня на этой неделе.
— Сейчас пойдёмте в отдел одежды и посмотрим юбку, о которой я вам говорила, — миссис Морисон сказала Джейн. — Если тебе она понравится и подойдёт, то мы купим, тебе она нужна для школы.
Юбка понравилась Джейн.
— Сколько она стоит? — спросила она. Она стоила восемь фунтов, что не было дорого, но у них не было её размера.
— У нас она будет в течение десяти дней, — сказал продавец.
Потом миссис Морисон выбрала шёлковый галстук для своего мужа — в следующий
четверг был его день рождения и пару перчаток для себя.
Потом трое пошли в супермаркет купить продукты к чаю.
She bought a silk tie for her husband.
1. Selfridge’s is a large department store in London.
2. It is situated in Oxford Street.
3. White Sale is a big sale.
4. She wanted to buy a blanket, a pair of shoes and some towels.
5. The price was 9 pounds.
6. She bought cotton sheets.
7. She will get the things she has bought the next day.
8. The girl couldn’t buy a skirt because there was no her size.
9. She bought a pair of gloves to herself.
Mrs. Morrison went to the Selfridge’s to buy a blanket, a pair of sheets and some towels. There was “White Sale”. She bought pure Scotch blanket, cotton sheets and towels. But they were unable to by a skirt because there was no size. She also bought a pair of gloves and a silk tie for her husband.
I want to buy sweets because I like them very much and a lot of toys because I’m fond of them.
I went to the store to buy some clothes for school there were a lot of clothes but there was no my size.
On day our family went to the book shop. There were a lot of books. Different books were on the shelves. My father likes serious books about famous people. My mother went to the shelves with novels. And I with my brother went to the shelves with books for children. There were a lot people in the shop. And of people like different books that’s why there are a lot shelves in a book store.
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