Верещагина, Афанасьева 5. Учебник. Lesson 4

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People can travel by car, by air, by train, by sea, by boat, by feet, by bus.
The quickest method of travelling is travelling by air.
Travelling by train is the most comfortable one.
The cheapest way of travelling is travelling by feet and the most expensive is traveling by air.
The most convenient method of travelling is travelling by car.
The most interesting one is travelling by car.
Was it a business or a tourist trip?
When did you arrive at the airport?
Did you have much luggage?
Did you buy a return ticket?
Which class did you fly?
How much time did it take you to fly to India?
How was your holiday?
Did you go to the seaside?
How did you go there?
Was it a fast train?
How many days did you stay there?
Was your room a double one?
How was the weather like?
voyage, by sea, on board the ship, weather, wind, trip, expensive, tourist class, a single ticket by plane
Once our family decided to go to the sea. The cheapest way to get there was to travel by train though it took much time. The weather was fine. The sun was shining all the time. And I enjoyed the view. It took us two days to get there. And we had return tickets. We spent two weeks at the seaside, and returned to Moscow in August.
Think – thought – thought
Drink – drank – drunk
Sit – sat – sat
Have – had – had
Hear – heard – heard
Sleep – slept – slept
Find – found – found
Say – said – said
Fly – flew – flown
Read – read – read
Give – gave – given
Tell – told – told
Take – took – taken
Understand – understood – understood
Come – came – come
Get – got – got
Wear – wore – worn
Forget – forgot – forgotten
never, recently, already, lately, recently, already, yet, never
Have you played tennis recently?
Have you got an excellent mark lately?
Have you bought a new book recently?
Have you heard from your grandparents recently?
Have you travelled recently?
Have you worked hard lately?
Susan has already bought the ticket to Boston.
Susan has already taken books to the library.
Susan hasn’t made lunch yet.
She hasn’t written a letter to Granny yet.
Susan has already given a call to Betty.
Susan has already sent a telegramme to Daddy.
Susan hasn’t swum in the pool yet.
Susan hasn’t read the novel up to the end.
Susan has already drunk the medicine.
1) … he has flown to Paris with his Dad.
2) … she has been to many countries.
3) … she hasn’t read the story up to the end.
4) … he has fallen ill.
5) … she has washed it.
6) … he has fallen over on the ground.
7) … he hasn’t won the prize.
1. They have always lived in this city.
2. They always buy return tickets.
3. He always takes pictures when he travels.
4. She has always known this photographer.
5. We have always wanted to go to Paris.
6. My friend has always lived in Paris.
7. I have always had an album with stamps.
8. I have always collected stamps.
9. You always take little luggage with you.
10. I have always been proud of my parents.
Мой друг инопланетянин
Мистер Кирк прогуливался в воскресенье вечером в парке с собакой. Вдруг он услышал шум и увидел странного человека перед собой. Это был Зардак с планеты Викон. Зардак прилетел в Лондон по воздуху. Но он прилетел не в аэропорт, он не зарегистрировался и не прошёл паспортный контроль и таможню.
Мистер Кирк взял его к себе домой, но он не сказал никому о прибытии Зардака. Зардаку понравился мистер Кирк, и они стали друзьями. Но Зардак устал от квартиры мистера Кирка. Он захотел попутешествовать по стране, или хотя бы посмотреть город.
Зардак: Ну, мой дорогой друг. Когда мы пойдём смотреть твой город?
Мистер Кирк: Ну… это сложно, Зардак. Это не очень хорошая идея.
Зардак: Но я здесь уже два дня и ещё ничего не видел.
Мистер Кирк: Ты смотрел телевизор.
Зардак: Я могу смотреть телевизор на своём корабле, или когда я дома на планете Викон. Пожалуйста, мой друг.
Мистер Кирк: Я тебе уже сказал. Это плохая идея.
Но Зардак хочет посмотреть Лондон. Он увлекается путешествиями. Он много путешествовал. Путешествие его хобби. Из-за этого он приехал на планету Земля.
У Зардака на голове два маленьких серебряных рога. При помощи этих рогов он мог заставить людей делать то, что он хочет. Его рога становятся ярко-зелёными, и свет от них заставляет всех делать и говорить всё, что нравится Зардаку. И Зардак всего лишь смотрит на мистера Кирка. Мистер Кирк видит зелёный свет и говорит:
Мистер Кирк: Ну, я согласен. Пойдём в центр города. Действительно, почему бы нам не пойти? Я купил тебе пальто и шляпу. Пожалуйста, надень их.
Зардак: Но почему шляпу? Ты никогда не носишь шляпу.
Мистер Кирк: Хорошо. Я одену тоже.
Мистер Кирк и Зардак идут по улице к автобусной остановке. Они встречают миссис Эванс.
Миссис Эванс: Здравствуйте, мистер Кирк. Я так рада вас встретить. Кто этот молодой человек?
Мистер Кирк: Это мой кузен из Калифорнии.
Миссис Эванс: О! Как поживаете? Как давно вы здесь?
Мистер Кирк: Он здесь с четверга. Он здесь два дня.
Миссис Эванс: Что вы думаете об Англии, дорогой? Это ваш первый приезд в Англию?
Зардак: Да, первый. Я раньше здесь никогда не был. Здесь очень мило.
Миссис Эванс: А мне очень нравится ваша страна. Я была там три раза, вы знаете. Моя сестра живёт в Лос Анжелесе в Калифорнии. Она всегда хотела там жить. А где именно вы живёте?
Зардак: В Виконе.
Миссис Эванс: Я о таком не слышала. Где это?
Мистер Кирк: Это очень маленький городок. Очень маленький. Миссис Эванс: Забавно, у вас нет американского акцента.
Мистер Кирк (смотрит на свои часы): О, дорогая! Уже так поздно? Ну, миссис Эванс, до свидания. Мы действительно спешим. Миссис Эванс: До свидания. Приятно было познакомиться.
Mr.. Kirk has bought his new friend a hat because Zardak had little silver horns on his head.
1. Yes, Zardak arrived in London on Thursday.
2. Zardak lives on planet Vecon.
3. Zardak has never been to Earth. It is his first visit.
4. Mrs. Evans has never heard of Vecon.
5. Vecon is a planet.
6. Zardak hasn’t got an American accent.
7. Mr. Kirk and Zardak are not really in a hurry.
8. Mrs. Evans has been to California three times.
1. Mr. Kirk met Zardak in the park.
2. Zardak was an alien from planet Vecon. He was fond of travelling. He had little silver horns on his head.
3. Zardak has seen nothing in London yet because he hasn’t gone out yet.
4. Mr. Kirk has bought Zardak a hat because Zardak had little silver horns on his head. And people could see them.
5. Zardak made Mr. Kirk agree to go to the city centre with the use of these horns.
6. Mr. Kirk explained to Mrs. Evans that Vecon was a town in California because he didn’t want Mrs. Evans to know the truth about Zardak.
7. He didn’t tell Mrs. Evans the truth because she wouldn’t believe it.
8. She wants to ask: “Where is it situated?”
9. Mr. Kirk wanted to finish their talk because Zardak could tell Mrs. Evans that he was from the planet Vecon. And Mr. Kirk said that they were in a hurry.
I’ll take him to the Tower of London, to the Trafalgar Square, to the Big Ben, to the Westminster Abbey.
The weather in London was rainy yesterday.
It is a fine weather in Moscow now.
It has been snowing in New York since Monday.
The weather in Paris has been cloudy since the 5th of October.
1. No, I don’t travel often. Last I travelled in summer.
2. I travelled to the seaside.
3. I travelled there by train.
4. The quickest method of travelling is travelling by plane. The most comfortable travelling is travelling by train.
5. People usually travel by air if they want to get to the farthest places of the earth.
6. I think that it is interesting to travel by sea but I haven’t done it.
7. My parents don’t often travel by air. They buy tickets for the flight at the airport. It is expensive to travel by plane. People prefer travelling by plane because it is the quickest way of travelling.
8. People usually read newspapers when they are on the plane. They usually sleep when they are on the train. And they usually look through the window when they are on the bus.
9. Yes, I often travelled by car. I think that it is comfortable and convenient. People travel by car because it is cheap.
10. People usually stay at hotels when they travel to far-away places. Yes, I have stayed at the hotel. It was very comfortable. The rooms were not very big. The food was rather tasty.
1. Mr Kirk was in the park one night.
2. Zardak came from the planet Vecon.
3. Mr Kirk took Zardak home.
4. Zardak hasn’t seen anything on the Earth yet.
5. Zardak can watch television from his starship.
6. Zardak wants to make a tour about London.
7. Mrs Evan’s sister lives in Los Angeles.
8. Mrs Evan’s sister has lived there for 20 years.
9. Mr Kirk and Zardak are in a hurry.
A: bedroom, fireplace, seaport, milkman, blackboard;
В: railway station, traffic lights, through train, return ticket, single ticket.
1. Mr Nelson is an architect. He has build some modem cottages.
2. Mr Kirk is a baker. He has become famous for his wonderful bread.
3. Nelly is fond of painting. She has drawn funny pictures of animals.
4. Jack is a postman. He has brought me so many letters and magazines.
5. Angela is bad at mathematics. She has not learnt how to add well.
6. Steve is so ill now. He has not felt so bad since the operation.
One day our family went to the river. It was a very sunny day. Every-body was happy. We swam and played. But when we wanted to have our breakfast it started to rain. So we went home. And when we arrived home everybody was angry.
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