Верещагина, Афанасьева 5. Учебник. Lesson 6

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a) waters: ocean, river, sea, lake, water, rain;
b) plants, forest, tree, grass, birch, flower, leaf, plant;
c) places on the earth: mountain, field, stone, road, garden, hill, continent, ground, island, land, seaside.
flower, forest, river, the sun, the moon
1. The Volga, the Lena, the Enisey, the Amazon river, the Nile.
2. There are forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, seas.
3. We can see plants, trees, animals in the forests and fields.
4. I can see clouds, birds in the sky.
5. England is situated on the British Islands, and Canada is situated on the North American continent.
6. There are more than 250 countries in the world.
My favorite season is summer. It is hot in summer and I can swim a lot. In summer I have my holidays that’s why I go to the seaside. The weather is usually fine. There are a lot of flowers and fruit. In summer we can spend a lot of time in the open air. We can play many games outside. I like summer very much.
length, long, strong, strength, wide, width, warm, warmth
curious, nationality, separates into, explore, sets, curious, rises, will continue
1. A channel, an ocean can separate two continents.
2. I’m Russian.
3. Yes, they are.
4. No, it doesn’t. The English Channel separates England and France.
5. We call a person curious when he asks a lot of questions.
6. I don’t know.
7. The sun rises very early in summer.
8. It’ s very long.
I used to eat a lot of sweets
Last summer my family used to have holidays.
My friend used to wear warm clothes.
a) He used to have an expensive car.
He used to travel a lot.
He used to eat a lot.
He used to wear expensive clothes.
He used to go to the seaside.
He used to go to the restaurant.
b) He didn’t use to save money.
c) Did he use to have a family?
Страны и континенты
Мы живём на планете Земля. Земля круглая. Если вы посмотрите на неё из космоса, то вы увидите сушу, моря, континенты и даже страны. Иногда вы можете увидеть их через облака. Они выглядят красиво, когда солнце встаёт или садится.
На нашей планете четыре океана и шесть континентов: Евразия, Северная и Южная Америка, Африка, Австралия, Антарктида. Континенты очень большие. Моря и океаны омывают их и отделяют друг от друга. Обычно на континентах много стран. Например, в Африке более сорока стран, но в Австралии только одна страна. Она носит имя континента. Австралия очень большая страна, но некоторые страны маленькие. Исландия очень маленькая страна. Она расположена на острове в северной Европе. Давайте перечислим некоторые страны на каждом континенте: Россия, Великобритания, Франция, Германия, Испания, Италия находятся в Европе. Китай, Индия, Вьетнам в Азии. Канада и Мексика в Северной Америке. Египет в Африке.
Самая большая страна в мире это Россия. Самая маленькая Ватикан. В каждой стране есть интересные люди, места, растения и животные.
В этих странах живут люди разных национальностей. Они говорят на разных языках. У каждой страны есть свой национальный флаг, гимн, традиции и обычаи.
The smallest country in the world is the Vatican.
1. The planet we live on is the Earth.
2. You will be able to see land, seas, oceans, continents and even countries.
3. There are four oceans on our planet.
4. There are six continents: Europe and Asia, North and South America, Africa, Australia, Antarctic.
5. Seas and oceans separate continents from each over.
6. Yes, there are many countries on continents, but there is only one country in Australia.
7. Russia is the largest country in the world.
Europe: Russia, the capital is Moscow, the flag is white, blue and red; France, the capital is Paris, the flag is blue, white and red; Germany, the capital is Berlin, the flag is black, red and yellow.
Asia: China, the capital is Peking, the flag is red and yellow; Vietnam, the capital is Hanoi, the flag is red and yellow.
America: Canada, the capital is Ottawa, the flag is white and red; the USA, the capital is Washington DC, the flag is red, white and blue.
It is Australia. People speak English there. The capital is Canberra, the flag is blue with five small stars and one big star. Also in the corner there is a small British flag.
People speak English in Canada. Ottawa is the capital of Canada. The colours are red and white.
My name is Lorance. I’m from France. I’m French. My language is French.
My name is Tony. I’m from Italy. I’m Italian. My language is Italian.
My name is Lisa. I’m form Germany. I’m German. My language is German.
My name is Carmen. I’m form Spain. I’m Spanish. My language is Spanish.
My name is Hans. I’m form Germany. I’m German. My language is German.
My name is George. I’m form Canada. I’m Canadian. My language is English.
My name is Ahmad. I’m form Egypt. I’m Egyptian. My language is Arabic.
We can see the Earth from the space. We can see seas, oceans, continents. There are six continents on the Earth: Europe and Asia, America (South and North), Africa, Australia, Antarctic. The smallest country is the Vatican and the biggest is Russia. In countries live people of different nationalities and they speak different languages.
Country: Canada, Australia, USA, Spain, Italy, Egypt, Germany;
Capital: Ottawa, Canberra, Washington, Madrid, Rome, Cairo, Berlin;
Nationality: Canadian, Australian, American, Spanish, Italian, Egyptian, German;
Language: English, French, English, English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, German.
Canada, Russia, China, France, Italy, Australia
Berlin, Paris, Cairo, London, Ottawa, Canberra
1. The Sun rises in the east and sets in the west.
2. They continued to live in a small village.
3. When we were little we usually played with toy elephants and with other toy animals.
4. What mountains separate Europe from Asia?
5. Where is she from? She is from France. She was born in Paris. French is her native language.
6. What is the colour of the national flag of Russia?
One day a Paris newspaper gave an advertisement about a very cheap way of travelling. Many people believed it and sent the money. A few days later each of them got a letter. The letter read: “Sir, rest in bed and remember that the Earth turns. Paris turns together with the Earth. You travel more than 25.000 kilometers a day. You may look out of the window and enjoy your journey.”
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