Верещагина, Притыкина, 2 класс. Учебник 1. Lesson 27

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I can sing, too. I can dance, too. I can read English books, too. I can play the piano, too. I can work on a computer, too.
He/she can play the guitar, too. He/she can draw, too. He/she can ride a bike, too. He/she can roller-skate, too. He/she can ride a horse, too.

I can’t play marbles. He/she can’t play marbles. I (he/she) can’t ride on a merry-go-round. I (he/she) can’t sing English songs. I (he/she) can’t draw horses. I (he/she) can’t play computer games.
The mouse can’t draw. The hare can run. The frog can’t watch TV. The cat and the dog can play volleyball. The monkey can’t ride a cow. The bear can read.

— Hello,Jack!
— Hi, Bob!
— Can you play football?
— Yes, I can.
— Do you want to play with us?
— With great pleasure.
A1 — Yes, I do. A2 — I like to play with my friend there. A3 — We can play tag, hide-and-seek, leapfrog and hopscotch there. A4 — No, we can’t. A5 — Yes, we can. A6 — I like to play leapfrog in the park. A7 — My friend likes to play hide-and-seek. A8 — Oh, yes, it is.

I can jump. I can run. I can’t swim.
Are they your friends? — Yes, they are. Is he your brother? — Yes, he is. Can he ride a bike? — No, he can’t. Do you want to play with the ball? — No, I don’t. Does she roller-skate well? — No, she doesn’t. Does your friend want to play the piano? — Yes, he does.
Run, jump, sing, play, read, roller-skate.
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